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Readiness "Go-Kit"


Guides and tips to assist you for disaster readiness

Your only thought of mind should be:

  1. Gather your family members and pets
  2. Pack your required essentials
  3. Grab your Emergency Power Supply & Go-Kit
  4. Get to our car
  5. Relocate to your predetermined safe location Camp Site

Once you have relocated to your camp site:

  1. Evaluate your Area
  2. Insulate the Ground
  3. Set up your Shelter
  4. Build a Fire
  5. Set up your Kitchen
  6. Set up your kids with outdoor activities to keep them happy and busy
  7. Prepare for rescue

Surviveware Waterproof Premium First Aid Kit
Go-Kit Supplies
David Warner

Emergency First Aid Kit-2

Having a Fist Aid Kit is critical to keeping your family healthy and to your survival during an emergency A First-Aid Kit is one of

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Holiday Cyber Attacks
Cyber Attack
David Warner

Holiday Cyber Attack

Be On The Alert! If you receive a call from a Store Representative (i.e.: Amazon, Target, Walmart) regarding a Fraudulent Purchase on your account Be On

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Disaster Readiness Emergency Communications
Emergency Communications
David Warner

Emergency Communications

Do walkie talkies work in a power outage? Because you don’t have to dial a number each time you want to transmit, walkie-talkies are quick

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