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Readiness "Go-Kit"


Guides and tips to assist you for disaster readiness

Your only thought of mind should be:
  1. Gather your family members and pets
  2. Pack your required essentials
  3. Grab your Emergency Power Supply & Go-Kit
  4. Get to our car
  5. Relocate to your predetermined safe location Camp Site
Once you have relocated to your camp site:
  1. Evaluate your Area
  2. Insulate the Ground
  3. Set up your Shelter
  4. Build a Fire
  5. Set up your Kitchen
  6. Set up your kids with outdoor activities to keep them happy and busy
  7. Prepare for rescue

Emergency First Aid Kit-2

Having a Fist Aid Kit is critical to keeping your family healthy and to your survival during an emergency A First-Aid Kit is one of

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Holiday Cyber Attacks
Cyber Attack

Holiday Cyber Attack

Be On The Alert! If you receive a call from a Store Representative (i.e.: Amazon, Target, Walmart) regarding a Fraudulent Purchase on your account Be On

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Disaster Readiness Emergency Communications
Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications

Do walkie talkies work in a power outage? Because you don’t have to dial a number each time you want to transmit, walkie-talkies are quick

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