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Readiness "Go-Kit"

Emergency First Aid Kit-2

Having a Fist Aid Kit is critical to keeping your family healthy and to your survival during an emergency

  • A First-Aid Kit is one of your “Emergency Go-Kit Essentials” requirements. When you need to access your First Aid Kit you want to make sure it is up to date and supplied.
  • First Aid Kits of all sizes are a great resource for treating medical ailments and preventing them from becoming major medical issues as well as managing aches and pains. 

Disasters are directly associated with these types of illnesses:

  • Fractures, lacerations, blunt trauma, crush injuries, projectile injuries, burn injuries, drowning, increase in disease transmission due to rodents and mosquitoes, poor water and sanitation conditions, poor nutritional status, poor personal hygiene and limited access to healthcare services.
  • During the aftermath of a disaster you will be on your own and during that time you must be prepared to protect yourself and your family.

When picking a First Aid Kit your should consider:

  • Your group or family size
  • The estimated number of days, weeks or months of your event
  • Your local environment and the type of event disaster or crisis you may be faced with
  • Special needs, medications, devices or requirements you and your family may need
  • The intended use of the first aid kit
  • The quantity and type of supplies within the first aid kit
  • Type of first aid kit container, and
  • The necessary information in your first aid kit – You may not be trained in BLS-Basic life support so it is important to have the proper documentation within your First Aid Kit so you can properly help those in need of medical attention

Inventory your First Aid Kit YEARLY to verify your medications, device batteries and any products with expiration dates are updated:

  • Medications have expiration dates / bandages and ointments having been used will need to be resupplied.
  • Most people acquire premade First Aid Kits to save time and money compared to making your own.  

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