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Emergency Amateur Radio

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Keep Frequencies Clear

Post 7.2 Magnitude

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Amateur Radio

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HamHelpers Net

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Declared Disasters

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A repository Website offering pertinent information for Emergency Service’s during a DISASTER and necessary information for Ham Radio Operators and civilians when the waters are quite!

  • Your Local LIVE Weather
  • Emergency Relief Shelters
  • Local Net Operations
  • Net .PDF's (ie: Preamble, Radiograms...)
  • Net Announcements and Addendums
  • Local Clubs and their Events
  • Local Repeater Information - "Up To Date"
  • Emergency Services & Comm Frequencies,
  • FEMA ICS-Forms
  • “BugOut”Check List .pdf’s
  • “Go Kit”Check List .pdf’s
  • Post Disaster Federal Government sources
  • Post Disaster Government Organization sources
  • How to information and much, much more…

EmCommInfo has the information at your fingertips!


Hurricane Watch Net


National Weather Service



Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network

American Red Cross

AUXCOMM Cyber+Infrastructure

State Emergency Response Team

Community Emergency Response Team

Amateur Radio Relay League

International Amateur Radio Union

Radio Emergency Associated Communication Teams



U.S Fire Administration


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