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Readiness "Go-Kit"

Preppers "Go-Kit" Readiness Center

Prepare Today

Be Ready When Disaster Strikes
Build Your “Go-Kit” Today!


Tomorrow's too Late

When a Crisis or Disaster strikes depending on the magnitude of the event:

City, County, State and Federal and Government resources may become so overwhelmed you may need to survive and protect yourself and your family for days, weeks or longer before resources or rescue becomes available at your location.

You and your families survival depends on your
Being Proactive and Being Prepared

for a Worst Case Scenario Event.

Your only thought of mind should be:
  1. Gather your family members and pets
  2. Pack your required essentials
  3. Grab your Emergency Power Supply & Go-Kit
  4. Get to our car
  5. Try to make communications with other survivors, injured and emergency services
  6. Relocate to your predetermined safe location / Camp Site
Once you have relocated to your safe location:
  1. Evaluate your Area
  2. Insulate the Ground
  3. Set up your Shelter
  4. Build a Fire
  5. Set up your Kitchen
  6. Set up your kids with outdoor activities to keep them happy and busy
  7. Try to make communications with other survivors, injured and emergency services
  8. Prepare for rescue












Regardless of the event

Survival Starts by Being Proactive and Prepared When Disaster Strikes

These Are The Basic Disaster "Go-Kit" Essentials!

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We hope the products we list will help you complete your “Emergency Essentials Go-Kit” to help protect you and your family when a disaster or crisis event strikes. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. To learn more, read our disclaimer.

Surviveware Waterproof Premium First Aid Kit

Emergency First Aid Kits

A Quality First-Aid Kit should absolutely be one of your “Emergency Essential Go-Kit” requirements”. First Aid Kits are a necessary resource for treating and preventing medical issues from becoming major medical problems as well as managing aches and pains. Most people acquire premade First Aid Kits to save time and money compared to making your own. 

Batteries & Battery Storage

Do not be caught without your Batteries during a Crisis or Natural Disaster. Today many of our tech essentials require power from batteries. Flashlights, lanterns, radios, cellphone, computer, toys for kids…  A Battery Storage Container offers you the ability to safely store multiple battery options when you need it.

Champion Generator 2500 Watt Generator

Portable Generator

Portable Generators can run most essential power needs.  A generator will offer you portable power for light sources, cell phone, radios, tv, computer , space heater, coffee maker, microwave, fan, frig/freezer, dishwasher…  After a crisis or disaster when the power goes out a generator is a must have necessity? 

Portable Solar Power Station is a huge asset while surviving after a disaster. A Solar Generator captures and store the sun’s energy to be used to charge cell phones, computers radios. lights…  Solar panels and a solar generator can make all the difference after a Crisis or Disaster without the need for gasoline or propane fuel.

Flashlights give light when no other source is available. Flashlights are safer and brighter than exposed candles. After a crisis or disaster power may be out for days or more.  Tactical Flashlights offer: the ability to light up a room, illumination 1,000+ Feet ahead of you, self-defense, blinding an attacker and even to start a fire.

Emergency Shelter or Tent” is the primary goal after a Crisis or Disaster.  A place to be stay dry and out of the rain, protection from the elements: wind, rain and the cold and keep dry, warm; a place to sleep out of the elements. An Emergency Shelter or Tent should be at the top of your list when preparing your “Emergency Go-Kit“.

Disaster or crisis aftermath, hiking, camping… your survival will depend on have clean water available – having a supply of Clean Fresh Potable Water is imperative.  You will need 1 gallon of water per person per day.

During a Disaster or Crisis Freeze Dried Foods & MRE’s is at the top of the list of must have supplies when you inventory your “Emergency Go-Kit”.  A disaster or crisis event can easily disrupt the food supply at any time, so plan to have a minimum of a 3-7 days of supply of food. Freeze Dried Foods & MRE’s with a shelf life of 5-25 years is the recommended emergency food source for your “Emergency Essentials Go-Kit”.

After a Disaster or Crisis Event  a Lighter and water proof matches are a necessity in your “Emergency Go-Kit” – Fire is a requirement to stay warm at night, give you the ability to cook foods, sterilize water and to make a signaling device with smoke. Both lighters and matches are small and lightweight items, making them easy to pack in any survival kit.  The key to surviving at night is staying warm.

During and after a disaster or crisis, out on a camping trip, in your back yard anywhere you need light a good powerful Camping Lantern is your best friend. Lanterns are safer than using a fire for lighting an area and provides illumination allowing people to see clearly, avoid obstacles and move confidently to the nearest exit in a crisis and help priorities popular areas in the building guiding occupants during an emergency.

Having a reliable Emergency NOAA Weather Radio offers more than just Alerts and weather updates about a coming storm.  During a Crisis, Disaster even a simple Power Outage or  you’re on the move. An Emergency Weather Radio can also provide power for your phone and other devices, as well as a flashlight and music.

When power/cellphone network goes down Emergency Communication – Walkie Talkies can save your life in disaster. Walkie Talkies are more reliable than cellphones in remote areas where it’s difficult or impossible to get a signal. When communication services go down Walkie Talkies are a great way to communicate with close by family members and neighbors from 5-35 miles depending on location and weather conditions.

Depending on your requirements you can never have enough storage.  Storage containers allow for the organized packing of your Emergency Go-Kit for easy access during and after a disaster or crisis event.  Even a great way to help manage your Camping get away.

Surviving a disaster or crisis event is not just practicing your evacuation plan, knowing when to leave the safety of your home and having your “Emergency Essentials Go-Kit” inventoried, updated, prepared and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

A good Survival Guide will be your lifeline once you have left the safety of your home to show you how to survive at your camp site or in the wilderness.

  • Understanding basic survival skills, making camp, finding the best location, shelter construction, campsite organization, staying warm, creating tools, food: Animal trap construction, what to eat, avoid, where find it and how to prepare it, First Aid, wilderness medicine, when injured or surviving in any climate.
  • With the help of the right books to guide you by your side, you will be able to protect yourself and your family and survive the disaster or crisis event your find yourself faced with.
  • Although Life Saving Technology & Equipment may not necessarily be a must have on your “Emergency Essentials GO-KIT Checklist” it should be worth mentioning and a consideration.
  • Depending on your location and possible situation for the type of disaster or crisis event you might face in your area this technology and equipment very well should be a consideration and just might save your life and the lives of your family.
  • Consider being faced with a flooding event; a simple “Inflatable Life Saving Belt or Vest” can save your life if you get swept away in fast moving water.
  • Hurricane Katrina caused an estimated 1100 fatalities of which 33% (330+) died from drowning.