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Preppers "Go-Kit"

Preppers "Go-Kit"

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First Aid Kits

  • A First-Aid Kit is one of your “Emergency Go-Kit Essentials” requirements. When you need to access your First Aid Kit you want to make sure it is up to date and supplied.
  • First Aid Kits of all sizes are a great resource for treating medical ailments and preventing them from becoming major medical issues as well as managing aches and pains. 
Natural disasters are directly associated with these types of illnesses:

  • Fractures, lacerations, blunt trauma, crush injuries, projectile injuries, burn injuries, drowning, increase in disease transmission due to rodents and mosquitoes, poor water and sanitation conditions, poor nutritional status, poor personal hygiene and limited access to healthcare services.
    During the aftermath of a disaster you will be on your own and during that time you must be prepared to protect yourself and your family.

Having a quality first Aid Kit is critical to keeping your family healthy and to your survival.

When purchasing your First Aid Kit you should consider your:

  • Your group or family size
  • The estimated number of days, weeks or months of your event
  • Your local environment and the type of event disaster or crisis you may be faced with
  • Special needs, medications, devices or requirements you and your family may need
  • The intended use of the first aid kit
  • The quantity and type of supplies within the first aid kit
  • Type of first aid kit container, and
  • The necessary information in your first aid kit – You may not be trained in BLS-Basic life support so it is important to have the proper documentation within your First Aid Kit so you can properly help those in need of medical attention

Inventory your First Aid Kit YEARLY to verify your medications, device batteries and any products with expiration dates are updated:

  • Medications have expiration dates / bandages and ointments having been used will need to be resupplied.
  • Most people acquire premade First Aid Kits to save time and money compared to making your own.  

Our Top Picks for Emergency First Aid Kits:

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Best Budget Sized First Aid Kit

First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit

First Aid Only 298 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit

First Aid Kits that are small and portable are effective and fit a variety of needs while providing basic care for treating minor injuries.

This First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit is under $20 and is good for minor injuries’ to small groups. Although has limited supplies offers good quality for the money.

The kit’s nylon carrying case unfolds like a book. This First Aid Kit offers quality products for the price.

This small First Aid Kit contains over 300 first aid supplies from small adhesive bandages, gauze pads, wipes, burn gel, basic medications, tools and more. 

This basic kits contents will help support the basic needs of minor injuries is light  weight being just over a pound and has a thin profile. It isn’t water-resistant, but will pack well in small spaces.

Overall, this first-aid kit is useful and affordable with the basics for minor injury first aid.

First Aid Kit Contents:

  • Tablets: 6 extra-strength non-aspirin, 6 aspirin, 6 ibuprofen
  • 1 burn-relief gel, 6 antibiotic ointment packs, 3 insect sting-relief pads, 14 alcohol cleansing pads
  • 15 antiseptic cleansing wipes, 2 first-aid/burn cream packs, 2 6-in. x ¾-in. finger splint
  • 2 ½-in. x 5 yds. tape roll, 3 2-in. x 2-in. moleskin squares, 3 butterfly wound closures
  • 1 4-in. x 5-in. instant cold compress, 1 sterile eye pad, 1 2-in. conforming gauze roll bandage
  • 1 5-in. x 9-in. trauma pad, 2 4-in. x 4-in. gauze dressing pads, 4 3-in. x 3-in. gauze dressing pads, 6 2-in. x 2-in. gauze dressing pads, 2 2″ x 4″ elbow and knee bandages, 4 fingertip bandages, 4 fabric bandages
  • 50 3/8-in. x 1½-in. adhesive plastic bandages, 75 ¾-in. x 3-in. adhesive plastic bandages
  • 20 ¾-in. x 3-in. fabric bandages, 30 1-in. x 3-in. adhesive plastic bandages, 10 1-in. x 3-in. fabric bandages, 1 1½-in. x 1½-in. patch plastic bandage, 2 vinyl gloves, 1 thermometer, 10 cotton-tipped applicators, 1 emergency blanket
  • Tweezers, Scissors, 1 first-aid guide

Best 100 Piece Waterproof First Aid Kit

Surviveware Waterproof Premium First Aid Kit

Surviveware Comprehensive Premium First Aid Kit Emergency Medical Kit for Trucks, Cars, Camping, Office and Sports and Outdoor Emergencies – Medium 100 Piece Set

  • 100 PIECE FIRST AID KIT: Includes 100 high-quality emergency essentials and first aid supplies to help care for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns. Kit includes a removable CPR pouch and a First Aid Guide.
  • LABELLED FIRST AID KIT COMPARTMENTS: Labelled and organized inner compartments make it easy to find what you need in the case of an emergency. No more rummaging or making a mess to find the supplies you need.
  • WATER RESISTANT AND RIP RESISTANT: Made from high-quality rip resistant 600D Polyester, this medical kit is water resistant and rip resistant. All internal pieces are protected from water in durable laminate pouches. This kit is rugged and robust and withstands any outdoor adventure.
  • PORTABLE AND FUNCTIONAL FIRST AID KIT: Made with removable MOLLE compatible straps, snaps and advanced mounting system. Features D-rings so it can be attached to almost any surface. Perfect for cars, trucks, boats and more.
  • MADE BY EXPERTS: Designed by adventurers for adventurers. This emergency first aid kit was thoughtfully designed for peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure. This product is FSA / HSA eligible.

Best 200 Piece First Aid Kit

Surviveware Waterproof Premium First Aid Kit

Perfect for Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and Outdoor Emergencies

Waterproof First Aid Kit

  • This kits case has welded seams, is made from 600D TPU and has a Water-Tight Zipper providing waterproofing from the elements.
  • Each kit contains zipper lubrication gel to keep zippers waterproof over time.
  • This First Aid Kit is 100% water tight with an IPX7 rating.
  • IPX7 rating means the kit can be submersed in water at a depth of 3.3′ or 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Labeled Compartments

  • During an emergency staying calm and being able to find what you need when you need it is critical during an emergency due to a crisis or disaster.
    This first aid kit has every section labeled, so you can find what you need when you need it and also allow for easy replacement of used items.
  • This is a well thought-out first aid kit that will be a life saving asset to you and your family when ever needed.
  • This kit has space to add you own personal medications and small medical devices

All Around Functional Case

  • This kit has a removable MOLLE compatible system with D-rings allowing  this first aid kit to be attached where you need it for when you need it.
  • You can attach this first aid kit vertically to your cars trunk, outside your backpack, strapped to you bag ready for an emergency.
  • EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS: 200 first aid supplies to help care for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns. Includes removable CPR Mask, extra internal sleeves to customize your kit and a first aid guide.
  • LABELLED FIRST AID KIT COMPARTMENTS: Labelled and organized inner compartments make it easy to find what you need in the case of an emergency. No more rummaging or making a mess to find the supplies you need.
    100% WATERPROOF (IPX7 RATING): This durable kit is made with 100% waterproof material and watertight zippers to keep contents inside dry. The emergency first aid kit can be kept underwater for 30m up to a depth of 1 meter. Perfect for boats, kayaks and severe weather emergencies like hurricanes, tropical storms and heavy rain.
  • PORTABLE AND FUNCTIONAL FIRST AID KIT: At only 2.25 LB and featuring MOLLE compatible straps, this kit is ideal for those on the go and can be carried on a backpack, belt or EDC bag. Perfect for travel, camping, college dorms, boy scout trips and biking.
  • MADE BY EXPERTS: Designed by adventurers for adventurers. This emergency first aid kit was thoughtfully designed for peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure. Registered FDA Medical Device.
First Aid Kit Contents:

  • 7.5″ Shears(1)
    Alcohol Wipes(10), Sting Relief(10) cleaning(10), Adhesive, Bandages: Butterfly- Large(5), Butterfly Medium(5), Large(5), Standard(30), Mini(5), Square Shape(5), H-shape(5), Combine Dressing(1), Conforming Bandages(6), Gauze Swabs(10), CPR Pouch with Instructions(1), CPR Breathing Mask(1), Ear buds(20)
  • Emergency Blanket(1), Eye Pads(3), Fever stripes(3), First aid handbook(1), Hypoallergenic Tape(1), Nitrile Gloves(1), Hydro Gel(5), Personal Medicine Laminate Bag(6), Pressure Bandages(1), Safety Pins(10), Skin Cleaning Wipes(10), Splinter Probes(2), Strip Wound Closures(3), Triangular Bandages(2), Tweezer(1), Whistle(1), Wound Dressing

Best Large/Family Sized First Aid Kit

Scherber First Responder Bag

Scherber First Responder Bag | Fully-Stocked Professional Essentials EMT/EMS Trauma Kit | Reflective Bag w/8 Zippered Pockets & Compartments, Shoulder Strap & 200+ First Aid Supplies

  • THE ULTIMATE FIRST RESPONSE SET | Be Fully Stocked & Ready to Go in Case of Emergency! | High-Performance Trauma Kit Includes Everything Professionals Need to Protect & Serve with Confidence | Perfect for EMT, EMS, Fire, Police, Paramedics & Other Servicemen & Servicewomen | Small Model Measures 17” x 11” x 9”
  • DURABLE POLYESTER GEAR BAG | Designed for Many Years of Wear, Tear, Use & Abuse | Constructed of Indestructible 600D Water Repellant Polyester Material with Thick, Hard-Wearing Compartments, Easy-Access Pockets, High-Quality Zipper Closures, Reflective Striping for Visibility & Official Embroidered Star of Life Logo
  • 8 SEPARATE POCKETS & COMPARTMENTS | Organizational System is Designed to Safely Store All Kinds of First Aid Gear, Medical Equipment, Trauma Supplies & Other Lifesaving Tools | Instead of Buckles, Our Sturdy Zippers Grant You Quicker Access to Your Essentials | Padded Interior Dividers & Tool Loops in Side & Top Pockets
  • COMFORTABLE SHOULDER STRAP | Thoughtfully & Ergonomically Designed for On-the-Go Personnel | Detachable Padded Strap Takes Weight Off Your Neck & Shoulders, Providing Optimal Comfort & Grip—Just Toss Over Your Shoulder & Don’t Look Back | Also Includes Convenient Top Grab Handle for Toting by Hand
  • COMPLETE EMS STARTER PACK | Enjoy 200+ Useful Supplies for Assessing Patients & Treating Minor to Serious Injuries Including Bandages, Shears, Roll Gauze, Pads, Tapes, Ointments, Wipes, Gloves, Splints, Dressings & More| Be Prepared at School, Ball Games, Concerts, Hiking, Camping, Day Care, Office, Home or in the Field
First Aid Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Tweezers ● 1 x Kelly Forceps 5.5″ ● 1 x Bandage Shears, 7.5″ ● 1 x Bandage Shears, 5.5″ ● 1 x Reusable Penlight – LED ● 100 x Adhesive Bandages 3/4″ x 3″ ● 50 x Gauze Pads 4″x 4″ ● 2 x Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll 2″ ● 2 x Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll 3″ ● 2 x Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll 4″ ● 2 x Self-Adherent Bandage Roll 2″ x 5 yds ● 2 x Elastic Bandage Roll with Self-Closure 2″ x 5yds ● 2 x Combine Pads 5″ x 9″ ● 2 x Combine Pads 8″ x 10″ ● 1 x Cloth Surgical Tape 1″ x 10 yds ● 1 x Cloth Surgical Tape 2″ x 10 yds ● 10 x Povidone Iodine Prep Wipes ● 10 x Alcohol Prep Wipes ● 1 x Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.5 oz tube ● 2 x Instant Cold Pack 4″ x 5″ ● 2 x Oval Eye Pads 1-5/8″ x 2-5/8″ ● 2 x Triangular Bandage, 36″ x 36″ x 51″ ● 1 x Eye Wash 1oz ● 4 x Nitrile Sterile Exam Gloves ● 1 x Finger Splint ● 1 x Glucose Gel, 15g ● 10 x Sting & Bite Pads ● 1 x Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Cuff ● 1 x Sprague Rappaport Stethoscopes ● 1 x CPR Rescue Barrier Mask Kit ● 1 x Oral Airways (Berman), 40, 60, 80, 90, 100, 110mm Kit ● 1 x First Aid Guide Booklet ● 2 x Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Dressing 4″ x 4″