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Go-Kit Essentials

EmCommInfo.com is a repository Website offering pertinent information for Emergency Service’s during a Crisis or Natural Disaster and Necessary Information for Ham Radio Operators and Civilians when the waters are quiet!

When a crisis or disaster strikes depending on the magnitude of the event: City, County, State and Federal resources can by so overwhelmed you may need to survive on your own and protect yourself and your family for 24-72 hours or even significantly longer before rescue resources become available and start Search and Rescue Mission to search for survivors to assist with your recovery.

You and your families survival depends on your Being Proactive and Being Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario Event.

This is what our expanded Emergency Go-Kit Essentials Checklist” is designed for. A comprehensive survival inventory guide that will facilitate your  inventorying your required supplies necessary to prepare you and your family to survive a worst case scenario Event until rescue resources become available.

When that moment in your life becomes a reality the first thought in your mind should not be
“What Do We Do Now”

Your only thought of mind should be:

  1. Gather our kids and pets
  2. Pack some clothes
  3. Grab our Emergency Go-Kit
  4. Get to our car
  5. Lets go to our predetermined safe location

Once your have relocated to your safe location

  1. Evaluate your Area
  2. Insulate the Ground
  3. Set up your Shelter
  4. Build a Fire
  5. Set up your Kitchen
  6. Set up your kids with outdoor activities to keep them busy
  7. Prepare for rescue

Click this link to download your copy of your Expanded "Emergency Go-Kit Essentials Checklist"